host compound

英 [həʊst ˈkɒmpaʊnd] 美 [hoʊst ˈkɑːmpaʊnd]
host compound
n.  主体化合物

  1. This provider now supports host variables, modules, the ARRAY data type, compound statements, and variable length timestamps.
  2. Supramolecule chemistry is an advanced research topic in current chemistry, and the selective synthesis of the host compound is an important aspect.
  3. Strategies for the genetic engineering of plant secondary metabolism include: ( 1) enabling the host plant to accumulate a novel desirable compound by transformation of single/ multiple enzyme gene ( s) or a whole metabolic pathway;
  4. Recent Advances in the Application of New Host Compound to Determine Bioactive Molecule
  5. Calixarene is a kind of respecting host macrocyclic compound followed cyclodextrin and crown ether, and has strong ability of selective extraction of metal ions.
  6. When neared to the host plant from the certain distance, Tea shoots volatiles and linalool showed the strongest attraction to E. vitis, and the compound 2,6 dimethyl 3,7 octadiene 2, 6 diol resulted from tea plant greenfly leafhopper complexes, showed slight repellent role.
  7. The targets of further exploration are mainly underfault overthrust, strata fault compound, strata host anticlinal compound, host anticlinal ane solution lithologic traps.
  8. As the second generation of the host compound, cyclodextrins have become one of the main focuses of supramolecular chemistry.
  9. This article conducts the research to the range find and passive target identification of the millimeter wave host passive compound detection system.
  10. Surfactant is composed of the hydrophilic and the hydrophobic group, and the hydrophobic chain can enter the hydrophobic cavity of the host compound forming important inclusion complexes. It is found that the surfactants can be as important host molecules.
  11. As the most representative host compound in host-guest chemistry, cyclophane have achieved remarkable achievement in many fields.