heart hormone

英 [hɑːt ˈhɔːməʊn] 美 [hɑːrt ˈhɔːrmoʊn]
heart hormone
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  1. She recommends taking 10 deep, diaphragmatic breaths before the interview, because it reduces our heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone level.
  2. Secondary hypertension is caused by a preexisting medical condition such as congestive heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, or damage to the endocrine ( hormone) system.
  3. Ambient ( 2) light influences brain functions and different aspects of human physiology ( 3) such as circadian ( 4) rhythm, heart rate, and hormone release.
  4. The Women's Health Initiative was halted in July of2002 after researchers found higher risks of heart attacks and breast cancer in women taking the hormone supplements compared with placebo.
  5. Every has the patient with not complete function of kidney of hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, heart Ying Shen uses sugar coriaceous hormone.
  6. Variation of left heart function and thyroid hormone in cirrhosis
  7. Objective To establish the rat model of heart failure using adriamycin-induced dilated cardiomyopathy ( Adr-DCM), and to compare the effects of human recombinant growth hormone ( hr-GH) alone and hr-GH added coenzyme Q10 ( Co Q10).
  8. Conclusions This study indicates that the levels of serum FT 3, FT 4 are lower in elderly patients with chronic congestive heart failure and small dose of thyroid hormone treatment is safe and beneficial.
  9. Results showed that both preseriptions made the heart rate quicken, estrous cycle shorten, improved the adrenal cortex hormone and promote TSH and LH synthesis and secretion.
  10. A study of the serum levels of thyroid hormone in elderly patients with chronic severe congestive heart failure and the efficacy of thyroid hormone treatment
  11. Clinical efficacy of treatment of severe chronic congestive heart failure with thyroid hormone in a short time