gravity field

英 [ˈɡrævəti fiːld] 美 [ˈɡrævəti fiːld]
gravity field
网络  反重力卡卡; 重力场; 引力场; 重力場; 吸力场

  1. Research on Fault Distribution and Tectonic Divisions in Northeast China in Terms of Gravity Field
  2. The gravity field contains the superimposition effect of heterogeneous bodies with different densities.
  3. The division of regional gravity field and local gravity field is one of the important steps in gravity data interpretation.
  4. The Variation of gravity field in this area may be caused by the crustal deformation or deep transference and fault creep.
  5. Simulated analysis of the effect of gravity field to the fall point in free flight trajectory of ballistic missile
  6. Analysis of Gravity Field Effect on High-precision Inertial Navigation System
  7. An Earth gravity field model and the characteristics of gravity anomalies of China sea and its adjacent regions are summarized.
  8. Study on the Processing Method of GPS Leveling Height Based on Gravity Field Mode
  9. Expressions of Earth Gravity Field, Gravity and Gravity Gradient in 3D Cartesian Coordinates System
  10. On the basis of inspecting common methods in dividing regional gravity field and local gravity field by spatial domain and frequency domain, the authors propose multi-ring median filtering method.
  11. This paper is mainly about how to improve moving surface method of GPS leveling by means of earth's gravity field model.
  12. Underwater Gravity Aided Inertial Navigation Based on Local Gravity Field Model
  13. Gravity field theory, technique and method, and application in national defense and economy.
  14. Functional-group-modified surface of titanium alloys was derived by self-assembly method in the high-magnetic gravity field simulated by superconductive magnet.
  15. The Application of Input-output System Theory in the Estimation of Gravity Field
  16. Influence of the Sun ′ s gravity field on stability of nuclear reaction-diffusion system and neutrino production
  17. The recovery of the lunar gravity field model depends on the tracking observation of lunar detectors, the highest lunar gravity model order is connected with denseness of the tracking data.
  18. To compensate for the acceleration effect, the GPS-derived acceleration was introduced to correct the gravity field vector.
  19. Before the earthquake, the results show that the gravity field decreased nearby the epicenter and a high gravity gradient belt occured along the active fault.
  20. Invertion of crustal thickness of moon from gravity field and topography data
  21. Evolution Characteristics of Gravity Field and Its Relation with Earthquakes in the Southeast Coast of Fujian
  22. Jinchuan No.2 mining area lies in a complex initial stress field, which is composed of gravity field and bidirectional construction stress field.
  23. Precise Determination and Approximation Analysis of Disturbing Gravity Field
  24. The influence of LEO satellite's initial state errors on gravity field recovery
  25. Rapidly Computing Satellite Gravity Gradient Observations Along Orbit from Gravity Field Model
  26. Using data of mobile gravity measurement, variation features of gravity field in south area of northern segment of the North south seismic belt is analysed.
  27. The gravity field model and DEM improving the GPS elevation conversion accuracy
  28. According to spherical harmonic coefficients of360 orders of EGM96 Earth's gravity field model, density anomaly and tectonic stress in different depth of crust have been calculated.
  29. Calculation Method of Q Resolution Function of Small-angle Neutron Scattering in Gravity Field
  30. Gravity data have the advantage of wide range, high precision and resolution and relative cheap observation cost, so that the gravity field which contains abundant information has broad applications.