go to the block

英 [ɡəʊ tu ðə blɒk] 美 [ɡoʊ tu ðə blɑːk]
go to the block

  1. Not only do we go to casinos, we cross streets in the middle of the block, pass gas in public, and wear fanny packs and visible knee-high stockings in public without fear of ridicule.
  2. Now all of you must go back to your houses and search for the nests and block up the holes.
  3. Actually, if you go to the bus stop in the next block, you can take bus301 which will let you right off in front of the zoo.
  4. To remove the blocked address ( es) from your Block Sender list, go to the E-mail Settings page, and click Block Sender.
  5. The man would drop his reins, go to the back of the wagon, bisect a hundred-pound block with his pick, swing half of it to his shoulder pad with his tongs, and proceed to someone's back door.
  6. Russia has enormous potential that will go above and beyond the oil industry, he predicts, comparing Moscow to cities such as New York, London and Shanghai as he points to the office block going up across the street from Unilever's Moscow headquarters.
  7. Reservoir Management-orient Oilfield Block Budget Management Model emphasize budget should go down to the foundation& Block, Expect to enhance Reservoir Management to satisfy higher requirement of the new situation.