go a little way

英 [ɡəʊ ə ˈlɪtl weɪ] 美 [ɡoʊ ə ˈlɪtl weɪ]
go a little way
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  1. Just go down the road a little way, turn left, and cross the bridge
  2. May we not go a little way& half a mile, Ellen: only just half a mile?
  3. Go a little way with sb.
  4. You won't go a little bit out of your way for me.
  5. When leaving the ground, I can go a little way now, I am OK, and I check everything to make sure, my buckle is good, and this is lock.
  6. Agamemnon could go in for them, and could learn a little on the way out and in.