be vulnerable to

英 [bi ˈvʌlnərəbl tu] 美 [bi ˈvʌlnərəbl tu]
be vulnerable to
网络  易受伤害的; 易受攻击; 易受

  1. Plants that are growing vigorously are less likely to be vulnerable to disease.
  2. Their tanks would be vulnerable to attack from the air
  3. The information harvested can then be used to allocate resources and identify machines that may be vulnerable to attack by rogue users and programs.
  4. All of these are points which could be vulnerable to attacks by hackers and other intruders.
  5. So, without formal protection for the Coral Sea we're afraid it might be vulnerable to that in the future.
  6. Unless a conflict ended very quickly, China would be vulnerable to a naval blockade.
  7. As long as that is lacking in Bangladesh, the country will be vulnerable to climate change.
  8. The quality of the technology is crucial, because cars, as sophisticated computers, could be vulnerable to hackers.
  9. I know that when I am hungry or sleepy then my mind sometimes tend to be vulnerable to not thinking clearly and to negativity.
  10. This means it may be difficult to buy the stocks in the first place, a significant investment may in itself move the price, and the investor will then be vulnerable to the large price changes that are typical of illiquid stocks.
  11. In this position the troops would be vulnerable to a frontal attack.
  12. Copper prices, a proxy for economic activity have performed strongly year to date, but might be vulnerable to a correction, especially if demand from China shows signs of slowing.
  13. Sponsorships, negotiated when teams were part of F1, would be vulnerable to renegotiation.
  14. Until then, the system will be vulnerable to runs by wealthier depositors, whose collective holdings are substantial.
  15. VW is so big in China that it would be vulnerable to a downturn there.
  16. Until these qualities of truth and courage are generated, we will be vulnerable to our own pretenses and fabrications.
  17. Natanz would be vulnerable to these if they struck with sufficient accuracy and in sufficient numbers.
  18. He hypothesizes that subgroups of people may be vulnerable to becoming more agitated or suicidal after taking these drugs.
  19. Since both of these two activities might be vulnerable to some kind of pharmaceutical interference or interruption, they present promising new targets for the development of anti-cancer drugs.
  20. These include those who cannot give or refuse consent for themselves and those who may be vulnerable to coercion or undue influence.
  21. From a purely military perspective, a Chinese aircraft carrier would be expensive to operate, and carrier would be vulnerable to attack by aircraft, fast surface vessels and submarines.
  22. Although these slower transactions may not be noticeable to the casual user, they may still be vulnerable to attacks at the ISP level.
  23. Furthermore, the arguer implies that because this salamander's eggs have no protective shells, they must be vulnerable to UV radiation.
  24. The mouse turned out to be vulnerable to a range of infections, but its susceptibility to herpes simplex had not been tested.
  25. And if they don't have that kind of legitimacy, then the confidence is not going to remain, and the markets will be vulnerable to disruption and be replaced by other kinds of controls.
  26. Working people will now be vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers.
  27. However, analysts warn the yen may be vulnerable to a correction if this trade unwinds.
  28. Any country acting in isolation would be vulnerable to competition in world markets.
  29. Even financial networks where companies each did only one thing would still be vulnerable to systemic crises.