be out in the cold

英 [bi aʊt ɪn ðə kəʊld] 美 [bi aʊt ɪn ðə koʊld]
be out in the cold
被冷遇, 受冷落

  1. Developing countries might be left out in the cold in current world trade talks.
  2. The needs of the market determine the product development potential and prospects, the national music market constraints led to a general lack of concern about ethnic music, be left out in the cold.
  3. It can be said: A friend is the practical and important type of umbrella, when not in use, can not put it out in the cold.
  4. If foreign enterprises still lack the conditions to apply these methods, they should not rush blindly to enter the New York market, lest they be left out in the cold.
  5. It is good to be out in the bracing cold, which cleans the mind and invigorates the heart.
  6. You can't lock your partner up and if you keep restricting their freedom you may be left out in the cold.
  7. Slowly accustomed to a person's mouth, become silent calm be left out in the cold.