be inadequate to

英 [bi ɪnˈædɪkwət tu] 美 [bi ɪnˈædɪkwət tu]
be inadequate to

  1. That would have been sufficient to cover the short term funding needs of Greece, but it appears to be woefully inadequate to backstop the funding needs of Greece, Portugal and Ireland at the same time.
  2. Although this design is simple, it's can be inadequate, leading some UNIX-type systems to extend it through access control lists and other mechanisms.
  3. To approximate a level of innovation purely on patent numbers would be a one-dimensional, and woefully inadequate, way to understand the breadth of activity that characterises innovation, according to a spokesman for the Office.
  4. There may be skin necrosis due to inadequate blood flow to the skin.
  5. Even further, low productivity might be caused by inadequate training, lack of required resources such as equipment or tools, or inordinate amounts of re-work to correct quality problems.
  6. Some suggest this may be deliberate but it also may well reflect poor training and inadequate flying hours to maintain the high-level of proficiency that a fast jet requires.
  7. In case existing incoming power feeder are assessed to be inadequate, for existing plus proposed project, it will be contractor's responsibility to upgrade the same.
  8. We know that some of you feel uneasy at that suggestion, and the reason is likely to be because you still feel inadequate to be considered gods.
  9. What is not unified in the legislation of administrative avoidance in this country has to be normalized by the administrative procedure law, while the problem of the inadequate administrative avoidance needs to be solved by a better administrative law system.
  10. Let me emphasize again that cost-free float is not a result to be expected for the P/ C industry as a whole: In most years, premiums have been inadequate to cover claims plus expenses.
  11. The objection turns out to be simple: the 90 per cent-plus share that the exchanges would have in the market for European financial exchange-traded derivatives ( plus inadequate remedies to address this).
  12. These supplies will still be inadequate to cover a world population of6.8 billion people in which virtually everyone is susceptible to infection by a new and readily contagious virus.
  13. This may be due to the inadequate target language resources available to the learners.
  14. A too small FIS will be inadequate to support functions and public causes of the government;
  15. DECT can be interfaced to the Internet to provide seamless access. The interconnection of DECT to Internet is, however, inadequate to support wide-area mobility because the Internet is based on the Internet Protocol ( IP), which does not facilitate host mobility between different subnetworks.
  16. The capacities of coking coal preparation are also great. Because of the characteristic of coal resources distribution and the decreasing of high grade coking coal today, the supply of high grade coking coal will be inadequate to meet the demand for rapidly increasing of coke output.
  17. This article analyzes the demand for coal consumed by Guangxi's thermal power plants, in the view of its coal supply to be inadequate to meet the demand.
  18. Effective measures should be taken to solve such prominent problems as inadequate funding, lacking technicians and isolation of application from practical needs so as to bring the informationization construction of modern agricultural zones to a higher level.
  19. Due to different goals between testing and debugging, the information from testing may be inadequate and noisy for fault localization. To address issue, we present an iterative feedback based fault localization approach to produce effective feedback for fault localization.
  20. At present the average per km of highway construction costs up to 3000 million yuan, the face of the huge investment, the Government appeared to be inadequate. In order to solve the needs of the rapid development of highway construction and highway construction funds relative shortage.
  21. Therefore, there should also be a system-wide projects to change the inadequate status of right protection, starting with from varieties of factors that restricting administrative appeal protection, to take an overhaul reform.
  22. Perspectives in the previous researches vary from pragmatics, stylistics. linguistics, to functional linguistics. However, it also can be seen that research on the type of unfavorable-news letters is inadequate and still needs to be developed.
  23. When affiliated enterprise comes across bankruptcy, the existing legislation has appeared to be inadequate to deal with such problems as how to sort out the assets and how to fairly protect the interests of creditors.
  24. In the situation of the financial crisis, it has appeared to be inadequate to depend on the investment and export to support the economic growth in China.
  25. However, among those studies, attention and commitment seem to be inadequate as to how the writer connects the reality that concerns the human being itself and the sheer presence wanting exploration in the recognition of the universe with the unrealistic qualities of the post-modern novels.
  26. Yet it is far from perfect, there are some defects and deficiencies, and sometimes it appeared to be inadequate to cater for individual differences, the implementation of individualized.
  27. Appeared to be inadequate for centralized storage technology, centralized storage for server configuration is also very high, so prices tend to be very expensive and the face of the massive data storage and query operations.
  28. As a result of the defects and shortcomings, the analysis and conclusions of this thesis will inevitably be inadequate, so we should continue to conduct related researches in the learn and practice in the future.
  29. The traditional management concept has appeared to be inadequate, the new ideas and methods of management have become the important issues for enterprises to explore and study.
  30. With the development of algorithms, especially there have been algorithm bottlenecks such as scalability problem, cold-start problem which appeared to be inadequate relying solely on the scoring matrix data to find the nearest users.