be implicated in

英 [bi ˈɪmplɪkeɪtɪd ɪn] 美 [bi ˈɪmplɪkeɪtɪd ɪn]
be implicated in
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  1. The other field that may be changed is genetics. Many of the diseases in which the microbiome is implicated seem to run in families. In some, such as heart disease, that is partly explained by known human genes.
  2. The collaborative team led by UCL Professor Steve Humphries studied the TCF7L2 gene, which was discovered to be implicated in diabetes earlier this year by a group working in Iceland.
  3. Considering that foreign parties may be implicated in the cases, it is necessary to foresee what the language of the proceedings will be.
  4. Some such mutations have been found to be benign, but others have been implicated in ailments such as autism and cancer.
  5. This fusion results in increased activity of ALK, which was already known to be implicated in a certain type of lymphoma.
  6. Paris-The biggest-ever map of the DNA drivers for cancer suggest a far higher number of genes may be implicated in this disease than was previously thought, a study published on Thursday says.
  7. Current teaching practices seem to be implicated in the decline in infant reading standards.
  8. Multiple-act crime can be divided into implicated type of multiple-act crime and coordinate type of multiple-act crime in the light of relationship between the multiple-act.
  9. Conclusion: Successful~ 131 I therapy would effectively suppress the auto-immune status in GD patients; Cytokines play certain roles in the progressing of GD, and the serum cytokines levels might reflect the immune activity and be implicated in immunopathology Graves ′ disease and prognosis.
  10. The results indicate that stress concentration of the spine may be implicated in the biomechanical mechanism underlying thoracolumbar burst fractures.
  11. Conclusion: The disturbance of t-PA/ PAI-1 balance may be implicated in renal damage of nephrotic syndrome, which can not be improved by glucocorticoid treatment in short time.
  12. Conclusion The results suggest that HBV may also be implicated in the pathogenesis of certain cases of glomerulonephritis and the deposit of HBV antigen antibody immunocomplex in renal tissue, aside from originating in the circulation, there is the possibility of it originating from renal cells in situ.
  13. The present study indicates that the concanavalin A-binding glycoprotein of sperm plasma membrane has the antigenic property of species-cross reactivity and may be implicated in sperm-zona pellucida recognition.
  14. Conclusion The imbalance of plasma redox status deviating to oxidation might be implicated in oxidized injury of lipid, intima thickening and atherosclerosis progress.
  15. Air pollution has caused freshwater acidification in Britain, with consequent damage to flora and fauna. It may also be implicated in tree health decline.
  16. Thus, the PI-3K/ Akt kinase cascade has generally been accepted as a vital pathway for trophic factors to promote cellular survival. But it remains to be determined if Akt is implicated in cerebral ischemic tolerance.
  17. These cytokines play an important role in the development of periprosthetic osteolysis and implant loosening, Therefore SP might be implicated in interface inflammation, bone resorption and subsequent aseptic loosening of joint implants.
  18. In the present study, it was found that in Drosophila melanogaster, the Ran GTPase was up-regulated in phagocytosis, suggesting that the Ran might be implicated in the innate immune system against virus infection.
  19. When an act offends organization, leadership spread to sell movable offense and the crime in manufacturing and selling the forgery at the same time, the criminal should be punished according to the more serious offence on the grounds of implicated offense in criminal theories.
  20. First of all, We pointed out that the key to distinguish it from Implicated Offense on the basis of the basic theory of Imaginative Superposition Crime: On the one hand, whether the number of the results caused by behavior might be implicated in chronological order.