be comparable to

英 [bi ˈkɒmpərəbl tu] 美 [bi ˈkɑːmpərəbl tu]
be comparable to
网络  比得上

  1. The steps required for other distributions should be more or less comparable to those outlined here.
  2. There is little to choose between USB2.0 and FireWire in terms of speed: although USB2.0 has a higher quoted speed, in practice they both tend to be comparable due to differences in the protocols.
  3. Internal decontamination requirements would be comparable to isolators.
  4. The Four Tragedies of the Zaju in the Yuan Dynasty are the fine works in the Chinese classical dramas, which can even be comparable to that of William Shakespeare.
  5. By 2008, the environmental quality in Beijing will be comparable to that of major cities in developed countries.
  6. Plane wave has the overall direction, compared with the normal migration, the plane-wave imaging results can be comparable to, and has a high computational efficiency.
  7. We only ask that your prices be comparable to others.
  8. The wages of women should be scaled up to comparable to those of men doing comparable kinds of work.
  9. Since Ship Wood can withstand years of water erosion, is far from the general nature of its wood may well be comparable to wood, so durability is a good ship where the most attractive wood.
  10. If someone sees a case where it is incorrect but does not inquire about it, or sees confusion but does not act to stop it, his crime will be comparable to that of the offender.
  11. It would be comparable to buying a new computer disk.
  12. The French foreign minister, Christian Pineau, records Adenauer as saying that France and England will never be powers comparable to the United States
  13. A dark, fine-grained igneous rock; diabase. The amphibolite and basic granulite may be comparable to the world's metamorphic tholeiite.
  14. Cpe-sw will strictly comply with all relevant statutory regulations, which shall be comparable to that of the company's standard, pertaining to occupational safety and health and environmental protection which are applicable to the local where Jinqiu TPO feed design is performed.
  15. 167. Civil service pay levels should in principle be broadly comparable to those in the private sector.
  16. The careful process of reasoning can be comparable to mathematic reasoning.
  17. We only ask that your prices be comparable to others. that's reasonable, is not it?
  18. To some people, the question to clone or not to clone, in a sense, could be comparable to the question to be or not to be.
  19. It could very well be comparable in size to Atlantis itself.
  20. In other words, the reason this result happens is because there aren't a bunch of other levels up here that eventually get to be comparable to kT.
  21. The amphibolite and basic granulite may be comparable to the world's metamorphic tholeiite.
  22. Our estimates show the error to be comparable to a standard Galerkin finite element method using piecewise linear polynomials.
  23. The results are found to be comparable to those using liquid electrolytes.
  24. In respect of fruit ripening date and other econmic characters, Pearl pear can be comparable to the two very early ripening pear varieties-Beurre Giffard and Madeleine, widely grown in the world.
  25. Multimedia application in College English teaching, and learning has advantages which can not be comparable to when using this facilities, the teacher should realize its new demands, which can not be considered as a snack and neglected over conventional teaching.
  26. Interesting natural in days for the ultimate pursuit of style, artistic style characteristics to be comparable to the achievements and Yixing. ( 3) Yixing artistic achievements of Chen.
  27. However, for those core teachers who have already obtained some achievement, the effect of their self-developments can not be comparable to the prospective effect of those young teachers.
  28. Recently, the low-temperature heat transport in a mesoscopic dielectric system in which the wavelength of thermal phonons can be comparable to the geometrical size of the system has attracted much attention both experimentally and theoretically.
  29. Most of the current real-time SAR imaging system is based on the DSP as the core computing unit and can get submeter resolution, image quality may be similar and comparable to the use of optical image.