be accustomed to

英 [bi əˈkʌstəmd tu] 美 [bi əˈkʌstəmd tu]
be accustomed to

  1. It'll be fine once you get accustomed to using it.
  2. This is a critical step, as it will give you an idea of how the end-user will be accustomed to using the repository.
  3. While the installation might not be what most users are accustomed to, this article provides a quick overview of the process to demonstrate how easy setup can be.
  4. Although business users may not be accustomed to release management concepts, they shouldn't be allowed to make changes all the time.
  5. While GAE does have some rules that you might not be accustomed to, like the30-second request-response guideline, it also provides mechanisms for handling them, like asynchronous queues.
  6. The staff in the company can help new members be accustomed to the life there.
  7. You could probably not be accustomed to the local diet when you are in britain. however, as long as you stay here for long you will get used to it.
  8. Theories of knowledge management are solutions for various social organizations to be accustomed to the environments and get competitive advantages in the rapidly developing social environments.
  9. A second drawback is that many Britons may be too apathetic, too accustomed to dependence on the state and too lacking in democratic know-how to use any new power.
  10. However, study abroad and disadvantages, for example, when no way to meet their loved ones, and began to go abroad will be very accustomed to.
  11. The Mexican are said to be accustomed to holding back their emotions.
  12. It will not take you very long to be accustomed to the way we do it.
  13. So we should be good from now on is to make good conduct necessary to become a habit, so that our excellent behavior be accustomed to, become our second nature.
  14. Something that would be useful for you to be accustomed to.
  15. However, the visitor may not be accustomed to seeing public telephones outside along the street or road.
  16. They have to learn how to be accustomed to a new environment and how to get along with the teachers and classmates.
  17. Frequently, American bars and cocktail lounges are darker ( have less lighting) than what you may be accustomed to.
  18. One's body cannot be completely accustomed to night shift.
  19. On a recent visit to Moscow, Russian friends told me they would be fine because they are accustomed to surviving when everything falls apart.
  20. With high public credibility of the judiciary, judges and courts will be highly respected, and the public will be accustomed to finding public remedy from judicial organs.
  21. Be accustomed to doing when working on radio, for example, they had become to seeing on behalf of the listener.
  22. Probably, so you have to train hard to be accustomed to the competing arrangements.
  23. Especially those newly& built ones, if they want to success in the fierce marketing competition, they must follow a pathway of its own characteristic and be accustomed to the demands of the educational marketing development.
  24. Based on the process, protocol engineer to develop the communication protocols, the paper modify and delete some activities of protocol engineering in order to be accustomed to the project.
  25. In order to meet the new situation of modern aesthetic culture and creativity development and to nurture artistic talents of creative abilities, the education of arts should be accustomed to the demand of quality education and should embody its essential attribute and its connotations.
  26. Since Comenius founded the class teaching system, education has kept on developing with the development of the society, and the class teaching system has gradually not been able to be accustomed to the demand of the age.
  27. This situation demands that our brand management and brand extension theory be accustomed to the need of knowledge economy.
  28. In real life, ideology commonly exists and gradually becomes naturalized as non-ideological assumptions so that people get to be accustomed to it.
  29. However, for a long time, the legal practitioners of this phenomenon has already be accustomed to, on its negative influence evaded.
  30. The development process of explicit rules and unspoken rule from bureaucracy to exist in the Chinese private enterprises, in particular the interpersonal relationship network and social capital, Chinese, the unspoken rule as a part of traditional culture has already be accustomed to the life China.