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  1. Objective: To study the ultrastructure of sperm tail of idiopathic asthenospermia, and research the mechanism of sperm movement obstacle of idiopathic asthenospermia.
  2. Objective: To analyze the numerical aberration of chromosome X, Y and18 in the spermatozoa of asthenospermia patients by triple-color fluorescence in situ hybridization.
  3. Clinical efficacy of GuiLingJi capsule ( GLJ) in the treatment of oligospermia and asthenospermia
  4. Observation on Effects of Chinese Traditional Dialectical Medicine Therapy on Asthenospermia and Azoospermia
  5. Objective: To study the imprinting status of H19 in oligospermia and asthenospermia and to investigate the correlation between H19 and spermatogenesiss disturbance.
  6. Study of apoptosis, mitochondrial membrane potential in ejaculated spermatozoa from patients with asthenospermia
  7. Asthenospermia is one of the familiar causes of male infertility.
  8. Through the review in cultural heritage, it made a further understanding about the etiology, treatment, origin and present development of male sterility and male sterility due to asthenospermia, and fully recognized and established the necessity of research on male sterility due to asthenospermia.
  9. Objective To study the effects of extracts of acanthopanacis senticosi combined with astragali on in vitro human sperm mobility in patient with asthenospermia.
  10. Aim: To investigate the efficiency and safety of compound arginine in the treatment of asthenospermia and oligospermia.
  11. Comparative quantification of the membrane-associated urokinase plasminogen activator ( uPA) on the ejaculated spermatozoa between sterile patients with asthenospermia and healthy fertile Men
  12. Objective: To compare the differences of expressions of adenylyl cyclase ( AC) and phosphodiesterase ( PDE) in ejaculated spermatozoa between healthy volunteers and the patients with asthenospermia.
  13. Ion Channels and Asthenospermia
  14. Clinical observation of 90 cases Spermatacrasia and Asthenospermia patients treated with Seminiferous soup
  15. Methods By using long polymerase chain reaction techniques, we studied multiple deletions of sperm mitochondrial DNA ( mtDNA) in 100 infertile patients ( 60 with normal sperm mobility and 40 asthenospermia).
  16. Relationship between Levels of ATP and Succinate Dehydrogenase in Spermatozoa in the Patients with Asthenospermia and Sperm Motility
  17. Efficiency and safety of compound arginine in the treatment of asthenospermia and oligospermia
  18. Study on 3 β-HSD of spermatozoa in fertile men and infertile patients with asthenospermia
  19. Conclusion Infertility patients with AGI were manifested as oligospermatism and asthenospermia, which may not be the definite outcome of AGI.
  20. Comparative studies on the urokinase activation in human seminal plasma and on spermatozoa between infertile patients with asthenospermia and healthy fertile men
  21. Differential Analysis of Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Profiles of Spermatozoal Protein in Human Normal Semen and Idiopathic Asthenospermia
  22. Objective: To evaluate the influence of sodium ferulate on sperm motility function of patients with asthenospermia in vitro.
  23. Methods: Accord-ing to the cases into and exclusion standard in xinjiang medical university hospital affiliated hospital of traditional male Asthenospermia in patients select the standard test subjects and dialectical for pure kui Yang syndrome type.
  24. Conclusion: Chinese medicine Sheng Jing Decoction can improve pure kui Yang type Asthenospermia in patients with semen parameters of sperm motility, and can improve the pure kui Yang type Asthenospermia in patients with TCM clinical symptoms, and fewer side effects.
  25. Conclusion: Preparative craft of acanthopanacis senticosi astragali gelatum is convenient and fit for hospital production and clinical use. It is a kind of valid drug therapy for asthenospermia.