英 [ˈænti ɪˈlɪtərəsi] 美 [ˈænti ɪˈlɪtərəsi]
网络  扫盲; 扫除文盲

  1. The nine-year compulsory education and anti-illiteracy campaign among the young and the middle-aged should be continued so that senior middle school education and education of higher learning can be expanded.
  2. Chapter Two focus on the reasons of backward anti-illiteracy education in Lahu mountain areas. The author found the reasons in two sides, one is the Lahu traditional culture and education.
  3. The mass of anti-illiteracy movement, the thought of raise standards and popularization and the thought of education productive with labour after the liberation had promoted the improvement of education.
  4. Some of problems promptly obtain the correction, but some phenomena actually repeatedly haunted in the movement and became the "stubborn illness" which nullified the anti-illiteracy normal development.